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Autor Zpráva
# Zasláno: 28 Kvě 2018 16:31


I have a client that requires, among other things, some photography help.It is a dermatology clinic that takes a bunch of before/after pics. However, there's no consistency in the photos. While they have a small 'photography' room (think how your picture is taken at the DMV, but in a room instead of against the wall in the waiting area), people are using different camera settings and inconsistent lighting. Some of the pictures look like the person is tan when they're not and vice versa.They are using a Nikon D90 with a 'ring flash' (I have more model information if required). They take the pictures on a black or white background from what appears to be a distance of four or five feet or so.Since these pictures need to be usable comparison shots, you can imagine the issues they're facing. Another caveat is that the doctors want the 'raw' pictures (as opposed to modified in any way via software), so no Photoshopping (though they're using Adobe Lightroom software).Good news is that filesize isn't relevant here; photographic detail is more important.To add to this goatfuck, they're using a color laser document printer for photos instead of anything specifically for that purpose. I would imagine that there are printers out there that are made for such usage (I'll be Googling in a moment, but wanted to get this post up first).Considering all this, can you photography peeps give me any hints? Remember, I'm IT and kind of just ended up looking at this due to the fact that the user interface is Lightroom which is on a computar, perhaps on the CPU.

Please help

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