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Diskuse | Aeroplá / Volná diskuse / odd, vertical, 'moving' lines on iMac 27" display. Ideas?
Autor Zpráva
# Zasláno: 28 Kvě 2018 16:20


You know what my favorite problems are? The ones that are nearly impossible to describe. On my 27" 2009 iMac screen, I've started to notice thin, faint, vertical lines -- evenly spaced .5 inches apart across the entire screen. The darker and more even the background (e.g. solid black or dark gray), the more visible they are, although they're still only noticeable if I put my nose up close to the screen. At normal working distance they are not visible, or only faintly visible if I really focus on a solid dark area. On a white or very light background, they disappear entirely.
The lines themselves are "moving" for lack of a better word: There's a "chase" or a "pulse" to them. If I focus on any one spot on one of the lines, it appears to be moving upwards -- sort of like the "marching ants" around a selection area in Photoshop, but moving much faster.Any ideas what this may be? Sign of age? Imminent failure? Anyone seen this before?

Please help

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